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Tachene is a yogurt, chicken and rice dish.  It is deep-dish baked in the oven at a high temperature for 2 hours making a crispy tadegh crust on the outside while keeping a moist chicken and rice interior.

Tachene makes a wonderful comfort food.  Its mild flavors and ingredients will please a wide audience and is a great intro to Persian cuisine for those with less adventurous food tastes.  Also a favorite among Persian food lovers.

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Zereshk are tart and lightly sweet berries used in Persian cuisine.  Also labeled ‘barberries,’ zereshk is typically paired with chicken and rice dishes.   Zereshk jam, zereshk juice, and zereshk fruit rolls are also popular treats produced with zereshk berries.

Always wash zereshk before using.  Small rocks, twigs and dirt get lodged in the packaging and should be removed carefully.  Rinse zereshk several times in a bowl of cool water and discard any debris that falls to the bottom of the bowl.

When using zereshk in dishes, sautee in vegetable oil or butter for 2-3 min or heat using a microwave oven for one minute.  This will soften the dried barberries and bring out the tart flavor.

Iranian, middle eastern, or ethnic stores usually carry zereshk berries in a dried form.

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